The Pursuit of Happiness

I consider myself a lucky person. I was born to loving parents and grandparents, who were honest, reliable, working-class grafters who all played a part in raising me to have decent values and responsibility. I was fortunate to meet my husband at the age of 18, we have grown with each other, we’ve had the opportunity to travel, experienced cultures, we own our home, we’ve created life, we’ve suffered loss but most importantly we are raising three amazing boys and that is what makes life living. 

But what if I said, none of the above is true?

What if our pursuit for happiness was only due to a limited concept of reality. Nothing is true. Nothing is false. There is no reason. Sounds ridiculous right? Yet, it will make total sense to our kids by adulthood. They are being taught truth, in all aspects of life is objective. Reality as we know it, is up for debate.

If you have school aged children, or teens that are about to embark on the exciting prospect of university or college, it is imperative to understand ‘POST-MODERNISM’. Through my research, I believe post-modernism is a sneaky problematic ideology that has gripped the education institutions. The workplace, government, Hollywood and the media are also under attack. Most importantly, it’s breeding ground happens to be at the universities. I thought this blog would be necessary for you Mums who matter, and anyone else who is interested to read.

I will start at the very beginning.

Pre-modernism was the way of life in the westernised world prior to the seventeenth century. Think medieval times, when reality was built on mysticism and faith. ‘God’s will’ was the explanation for human nature and everything else in between. Ethics were founded on altruism (generosity, charity and nobility) and collectivism (collectively people looked out for each other, almost tribal like). Feudalism, was the social structure at the time. The Noble dominated the hierarchy as they held land from the Crown in exchange for military (protection). The people were granted tenancy on the land if they showed allegiance, or loyalty to their Lord. Peasants also occupied the land and were obliged to undertake hard labour and homage in exchange for protection.   

Between seventeenth and twentieth centuries the westernised world evolved into ‘The Enlightenment’ era. During the seventeenth century, Bacon, Descartes and Locke were known as the founding fathers of the Philosophy of Reason. Reason substituted mysticism and ethics were down to the individual’s morals and values. Reason led to critical thinking, which inspired individualism and science. Individualism manifested into liberalism and capitalism, which is the foundation of our freedom and wealth. Science manifested into engineering and medicine, which produced material goods and health.  All these factors play an instrumental part in progress, even to this day. Without the concept of reason, we wouldn’t have truth or meaning in our lives.

Post Modernism
During the 1950’s four intellectual philosophers by the names of Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida and Rorty strongly opposed the philosophy of reason. They each had left leaning political preference, which was no coincidence when writing their theories. 

Derrida, a French philosopher and Marxist, became highly popular in the 1970’s. He was introduced to Yale University through the English literature department due to his theory of Deconstruction. Deconstruction cleverly criticises literacy, language is an interpretation of our social construct, there is no truth, there is no knowledge as everything has an infinite way of interpretation. Every word is objective and meaningless.

Karl Marx’s communism theory had failed miserably during the Stalin regime of the Soviet Union in the 1950’s. What was supposed to be a nation based on fairness and equality was actually tyrannical and murderous. The most affected were the Kulaks, who were prosperous farmers prior to communism regime of Lenin. The farmers had their crops removed by the military and re-distributed in the name of equity, most of them had very little left for survival and many starved to death. The Stalin propaganda showed that Russia was flourishing and its citizens were joyous and healthy. The reality was 80-100 million were starved, killed or tortured in the Gulag concentration camps. Upon Stalin’s death, the truth was revealed, communism had a disastrous outcome, and this was a result of forced equity. The same result played out in Mao’s China.

Derrida knew this and so did the French intellectuals; after overwhelming evidence had been released to the world of the dire state of the Soviet Union, they had no choice but to admit communism had failed. Capitalism in the west was peaceful and prospering, people were buying cars, TV’s and the working class were owning their own homes for the first time in history. 

Marxism was in crisis, Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida and Rorty could see its failings, but the very core of their being believed in Marxism, not liberal democracy. They were arrogant enough to not accept the evidence or abandon their beliefs. They decided to find a better and more sophisticated way to re-strategize the concept of Marxism. By the 1970’s the new left was created, ‘The Oppressed v The Oppressor’ (power) substituted ‘The Bourgeoises v The Proletariat’ (economics), a slight change of hand but based on the same theory. That brings us to ‘post-modernism’, also known as group identity politics (the oppressed v the oppressor) and political correctness (the weapon of power). A deceitful yet genius way to mask the Marxism agenda.    

Derrida was a smart man, his presence at Yale University was no accident. It was the perfect breeding ground for intelligent young students with a thirst for activism. The intellectually pervasive doctrine is nihilistic yet attractive and has dominated the humanities and social sciences of the university and education system. Professors have been indoctrinating students aggressively since the 1990’s, with a radical left wing approach. The job of a Lecturer or Professor is to provide students with the skills to critically think for themselves and allow for an environment of ideas and discourse. That is not happening. It seems the universities have unknowingly, adopted a post-modernist doctrine without any understanding of it. The STEM disciples seem to be less affected right now. In my opinion it is reprehensible for teachers, professors and administrators to teach our children ethics that historically had a part in being responsible for mass death. 

The classic liberal left has been overthrown by post-modernism and unfortunately it is increasingly harder to differentiate the original values of the left with the post-modernist ideology. The sole aim is to destroy the western culture, not just a little bit, all of it, and it’s driven by resentment, deceit and bitterness for the failure of Marxism. You can’t underestimate the power of this movement. The post modernists don’t believe in individualism, logic or dialogue. ‘Virtue, ethics and empathy’ under the guise of ‘rights’ is a mask to gain power and bring down ‘The Oppressor’. Post-modernism doesn’t see value in an individual, only group identity to fit the oppressed narrative. Women, ethnic minorities, LGBTIQ and babies (“the oppressed”) are used as pawns to discredit reality and reason, identity grouping will unfortunately lead to tribalism.   

Tribalism without logic or dialogue is the fundamental basis of war, and we are allowing this to happen by pandering to political correctness in an arbitrary way. It is happening in front of our very eyes, because many of us don’t understand our history. We underestimate human nature and we don’t understand how quickly benevolence can turn into malevolence. The alternative to discourse is war, it’s already happening in universities. The Battle of Berkley in California is one recent example of the radical left post-modernists trying to shut down opposing views and public discourse.

The left is selling our kids ‘rights’ and as parents we need to push back, they should be selling them ‘responsibility’. If thousands of dollars spent on education has resulted in your child gaining an attitude of entitlement, victim mentality or alternatively white guilt then you have been scammed in my opinion. Universities should be giving students confidence in their individual talents and ideas, preparing them for their futures, allowing them to make free choices and to learn to listen to opposing views with respect. 

Individualism is important. Life is a negotiation, you negotiate respect of others by your individual interactions. Being placed into a post-modernist ‘oppressed box’ doesn’t mean you are oppressed. For instance, Dave Ruben, a gay comedian during an interview with Candace Owens, a black conservative, says “I no more know what it is like to be transgender than anyone else’, however, because he is gay he is grouped into ‘LGBTIQ’ oppressed category. He dislikes identity politics, because he doesn’t buy into ‘victim mentality’ as does Candace Owens, she feels it holds individuals back. They are insulted that post-modernist activists are speaking on their behalf. The post-modernists get furious when people ‘step out of their box’, as it diminishes their theory. How can they achieve a Marxist way of life if the ‘oppressed’ doesn’t buy into their oppression?

The post-modernists greatest weapon is bullying people out of their right for free speech and freedom of thought. For example, how many of you are afraid to say what you really think incase it affects your career or reputation? That is oppression of free speech and freedom of thought. Having any fear against political correctness means the post-modernists have gained control of your mind and more importantly they have power. Power and destruction of the westernised way of life is the end game. 

Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida and Rorty were wrong. They don’t have a shred of gratitude for what the philosophy of reason has provided us. Simply having light when it is dark, warmth when it is cold and medicine when we are sick is what we should be celebrating, respecting and honouring. We shouldn’t be apologising for that. The philosophy of reason has given us truth. Truth is knowledge. Truth is the cornerstone of our society. Truth is what redeems the world from anarchy and tragedy. Tell the truth and don’t fear the truth because of political correctness.  

The truth has given us ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, let’s not destroy that.

Thanks for reading guys. xoxo 




4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. A breath of fresh air. Change the minds of those who need it. Well informed and more like you we need in this world. X x


  2. Awesome, so insightful and thought provoking!!


  3. Bec, this is really interesting stuff and it is great to see someone thinking deeply about what are really important issues and getting others to do the same. I’ve just signed up to teach ethics at our local primary school to get our kids thinking more critically from an early age. You would be great at it, take a look:



    1. Thanks Chris, two of my friends at our school participate in the ethics training. You have to be committed each term for the same time, bit hard with Darcy at the moment, but definitely something I would consider down the track.



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