Are we creating a monster?

I often wonder what sort of future we are creating for our kids. Are we really making opportunities more fair and equal or are we creating an equality monster?

This post may seem controversial, but it is important to really think about this with an open mind and much needed curiosity. I am not a writer, I don’t have any degrees and I am a stay at home Mum with a mind, and my mind matters. I want to seek the truth and not be part of group think, especially when its driven by shaming.

I hear from friends and hubby all the time about what an excellent job the finance and IT industries are doing in their current efforts to support and create more diversity and equal opportunities in the work place; particularly for females. This can’t be a terrible thing, right? No, it isn’t, a workforce that is diverse is wonderful, however the current approach to achieve diversity could potentially be more divisive than imaginable.

The force that is driving the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) phenomenon is derived from a post-modernist ideology. Mainstream media, universities, government and external councils seem to be aggressively forcing corporations, public servants and industries to improve the diversity and gender quotas; as it is without question going to improve performance. If you question the benefits you will be labelled a sexist, racist, ageist, homophobic, transphobic or Islamiphobic. The fear of being labelled results in very little criticism or actual investigation.

Companies and government are increasingly hiring external bodies such as The Diversity Council of Australia to assist them in ‘unconscious bias training’ or ‘implicit bias training’. They charge thousands of dollars to assist their clients in setting mandatory ratios for future employment under the pretence that it not only has moralistic reasoning, but it will also improve company financial performance (even though the top listed companies have done well regardless). Is this true or is this an opportunistic approach to make money and push a political agenda?

The wide extensive research they talk about with confidence, to charge their clients a small fortune is accepted by everyone. I find it suspicious that if you want to read any of the research they promote in the name of equality, diversity and inclusion then you have to become a member and pay for the research. Ironically, the council that is seemingly driven by a moralistic/socialist view point is modelled on pure capitalism. Aside from that, a business that is ‘training’ industries how to be more equal, diverse and inclusive should surely be practicing what it preaches, right? Nope, The Diversity Council of Australia’s team is made up of 11 women and 2 men, and out of the 13 staff members only one is Asian. Go figure!

So, let’s talk about unconscious bias. Diversity training includes The Implicit Association Test (IAT) that tests small groups within the workplace to prove there is such a thing as unconscious bias. Diversity specialists can reasonably demonstrate to their clients that they are on some level subject to implicit bias; however, it appears there is unsupportable evidence to prove at any level that implicit bias is a manifestation into behaviour. Therefore this ‘theory’ cannot be used in a court of law, it has never been proven. See links below.

Can we really measure implicit?


Now let’s understand Diversity. It is claimed by the post modernists that it is necessary to have diversity, and people should be grouped into sex/gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender identity and age. When setting these ratios within the workplace it is driven by the notion that you get more diversity by crossing the groups, however you don’t, you get more diversity by crossing individuals. There are far more variables on an individual level than there are between groups. Even the rationale that there is a vast difference between groups, particularly race, is the fundamental logic of racism. Isn’t this what we have been trying to not do for generations?

When I see my kids playing at school with their innocent little minds, I don’t see any grouping at all, on an individual level we are all the same. It’s personality and chemistry that drives our decisions on who we make friends with or who we tend to employ. My best friend since the age of 12 is a Muslim male, our friendship is based on chemistry, not because we were shamed into being friends; we just had an individual connection, and that very connection has remained for over 20 years. My son has just started a new school, he has become great friends with an Asian child who was born and raised in China until he was 5. He spends time with his non-English speaking family every week and loves it, they were not shamed into making friends with each other, they had their own special chemistry based on their individuality.

Genuine diversity is based on talent, competency and IQ to name a few. The colour of your skin is irrelevant for these diverse variables. The research suggests that a group of people who are gender and racially diverse are better problem solvers; or a corporation that has more women in senior leaderships or board members result in a higher financial performance. This narrative is apparently based on research funded from consulting groups; their aim is to create revenue for their business and executive leaders.

Wharton University did their own meta-analysis study and even beyond their own predication found that there is a very slight difference in outcome between mixed and non mixed senior leadership team and board. However, this is not to say women should not be encouraged and supported to have leadership roles, it just means the science behind a more prosperous balance sheet is false.

Margaret Thatcher didn’t need a quota to become one of the most powerful leaders in the world almost 40 years ago, do we really need to have them now? Competency, and determination is what drives the hierarchy, it is not gender exclusive.

Click here to read the Wharton University study

I feel like this post-modernist attitude that is slowly crippling and segregating our society, driving us via shame for being either part of the majority, or for being white or for being successful needs to stop. Humans naturally treat and communicate with one another on an individual level not on a group level; the ideology that equity is by dividing us up into tiny groups or categories and making us part of a statistic or a ratio in the work place is utter nonsense. It is divisive, destructive and simply dangerous; not to mention it devalues natural talents and individuality.

I truly believe history has taught us how to be more culturally accepting simply by evolving demographics and learning from the history of past atrocities. The world is a much smaller place thanks to aviation and technology. When humans are left to their natural free choices without being controlled in decision making, it makes for a much happier existence.

Let people make their own choices based on individuality… and stop playing group identity politics! It’s creating a monster!

Thanks for reading Guys

B xoxo

Click here to read an interesting study from Scandinavia, an egalitarian state that undertook a study on gender equality and STEM Fields.

1 thought on “Are we creating a monster?

  1. Melanie Griffiths March 25, 2018 — 10:26 pm

    What a very informative piece of writing. I 100% agree, we shouldn’t be forced to make decisions on anything but “who is the best person for the job” and the fact they may be male/female muslim/ Christian white/ black etc should have no influence on our decision. If we are giving a certain race, colour, religion etc. Preferential treatment are we not being racist against the other e.g..nationalities and creating an unfair society for our children to grow up. How do we explain to a child that “they” got that place not because they tried harder than you but because they had a different colour skin …..are we really saying that’s ok ???

    Liked by 1 person

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