Who gets to decide?

In a world where politically correct language is becoming increasingly mandatory in many establishments it has left me with a raging curiosity. Who gets to decide? 

Whilst most normal, rational, polite, respectful human beings are more than capable of making judgements alone as to what language constitutes as racism, bigotry or sexism; it seems a minority have taken it upon themselves to be the ‘language police’ anyway. A forceful phenomenon in the westernised world that is driven by the post modernists or extreme left. Increasingly diversity councils and ethics committees are being created across the westernised world promoting ‘guidelines’ within universities, institutions and corporations that indoctrinates our society.

Naturally companies or industries may change acronyms or industry jargon from time to time. In some professions, there is an expectation for a receptionist, as an example, to not answer the phone with “Hey Darl” to keep a basic standard of professionalism. Code of conduct or preferable ‘brand talk’ may have warrant to be in a guidebook. That isn’t the issue, the language of natural interaction is now being drafted by diversity councils, ethic committees and study groups, likely based on opinions and whims, not facts or evidence.

Over the centuries language has evolved naturally; what was common and acceptable 100 years ago, or even 20 years ago, is no longer ok. Who got to decide? We did! Society changed, humans changed, people learned and adjusted language accordingly. Certain words or sayings just became socially unacceptable because… it just did!

So, I’m wondering why in recent years there has been extreme push for compelled speech. Have I been out of the work force for so long that it has become necessary; is society actually not capable of handling their own speech anymore? I don’t think so. The language policing phenomenon is being driven into society; uninvited by most and out of fear or ignorance is not being challenged. I expect for now in most cases people don’t care; it is actually ignored but that will soon change if society doesn’t push back.

To find an answer I turned to Dr. Jordan Peterson for his perspective. He advises his listeners and interviewers that we should be extremely concerned about where we are heading; “The people who are making these decisions are the last people on earth you would want to” a statement he made when being interview by the ABC. The post modernists or radical left masks the desire for power as ‘compassion and empathy’. If we are all forced to act, think and speak the same way it doesn’t end well. Check the history books and you will see why. Do we really want to be under a dictatorship of the post-modernist regime?

In Canada, legislation has recently been passed by government under Justin Trudeau, a left wing Prime Minister who publicly shamed a crowd member by explaining “we don’t say mankind, we say people kind” when they asked a question. Bill C16 is a new piece of legislation that was passed in 2016 to protect a person’s gender identity or gender expression from discrimination. You can basically offend a person by not using the correct pronoun and it could lead to a criminal charge. I’m not talking about threating or violent hate speech, just every day pronouns.

I personally have no issue with using gender neutral pronouns and most people wouldn’t. However, it is extremely concerning when a government controls the speech of its citizens via its law. The first and foremost basic moral right is freedom of speech and unfortunately Australia is heading down the same garden path as Canada. That’s not saying freedom of speech doesn’t come without consequence of course, you still need to take responsibility for your speech. If you say something that insults someone, you had better have fast shoes or you might get a swift kick up the arse.

The Diversity Council of Australia recently came under the media spotlight since assisting Qantas with their release of a booklet asking employees to cut out gender specific terms such as ‘guys’, ‘love’ and ‘honey’ to avoid offending staff members. Husband, wife, mum and dad, were also blacklisted and are expected to be replaced with spouse and partner to avoid offending the LGBTI community.   Miranda Devine, a columnist for the Telegraph interviewed the CEO of The Diversity Council of Australia and argues the point that employees shouldn’t be expected to speak like robots and the control of speech is like something out of Soviet Russia. I have to agree with Miranda.

I have an appreciation, acknowledgment and strong belief that everyone must be respectful towards all individuals. I appreciate the guidelines are a ‘guide’ only, but guides can quickly turn into rules and rules can turn into laws, as is evident in Canada right now. Where does the line get drawn exactly?

So, Mums of wisdom what are your thoughts? I would LOVE to know, especially alternative ideas. I am all for diversity of thought, that is how we learn and grow.

Is this compassion or is this control?

Thanks so much for reading guys
B xoxo

Dr Jordan B Peterson

The University of Wollongong inclusive language guidelines

The Diversity Council of Australia

Miranda Devine interview



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